An Artist whose medium is storytelling.  From elementary school, Denny was writing and illustrating stories, sketching original characters, and through high school, was writing scripts and poetry.  Movies, Anime, Comics, Novels, Fine Art, Fashion and Models were always sources of inspiration. Soon, Denny began discovering his own true purpose as an artist affecting all of his work and even leading to the synthesis of his own personal style. Into college, Denny realized that the ultimate zenith of the art he loved to created was through the collaboration with other creative people and artists to create movies and photographs.  Now, he practices creating enriching, deep, beautifully aesthetic work, hoping to uplift & inspire others.


Denny Limmer is an award winning artist who is a graduate of both the Public Ivy University of UCI (BA), and the industry esteemed Art Center College of Design (MFA). His work has been featured in numerous international publications and social media.


Advertisement and Editorial:  
Playboy, Lyons, Sticks & Stones, Fused Magazine, Dreamingless, Cake, Yumemag, Akade, Beach Bunny, and more...